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First, thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my blog. I have been meaning to cultivate a space online that features the many interests and passions that I have collected thus far in my life. This is my most recent attempt in creating a blog that I hope will stay and won’t fade out like my other ones have. I imagine this one is different because I have decided not to explicitly categorize myself before I engage. I don’t know exactly what this blog will look like in the days, weeks or months to follow and I’d rather let it organically come into existence rather than trying to force it in one direction or another. The only goal and purpose that I have for this blog, is to feature my life and others living fully expressed.

“To live fully expressed,” my mother would say, “is to be your true self.” She has always and forever will be the voice closest to my soul and my biggest advocate for me being me. I can sense the corniness that my last sentence exudes, but I can’t deny the fact that it’s true. I’ve always been one to try and figure myself out more than actually living my life. In a time of social media and branding, I kept asking, “what is my brand?” It’s as if I was trying to evaluate and place value on my life instead of living it. I’ve come to find that exhausting and a waste of time.

I’m creating a path to an end I am unaware of. If anything my blog should express to anyone who is reading that it’s not about where you’re headed but the journey that gets you there. Ok, I’m done with all of that. Whatever you do, live fully expressed (l.f.e.).

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  1. Bereket Selassie

    Good luck with the blog Aida! Glad to be included in the introductory email to family!

    Your cousin, Bereket

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