This Week in Photos: July 18-25

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A return of the week in photos (a bit delayed) but it’s here!

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Waterfront view of downtown Seattle

One of the best decisions I’ve made this summer. All you have to do is rent an Alaskan Airlines bike and tour the city for yourself! As you can read in my last post, you will not regret it!

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Bikes + Friend

My exploration compadre and myself on our fabulous bikes downtown 🙂

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I’m still learning how to maintain a healthy hair-lifestyle but one thing that always trips me up is the changing appearance in the length of my hair. I do love my hair, but I think I need to take my relationship to the next level and document its moods so that I can keep up!

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George Washington statute at University of Washington campus

I was on UW campus running errands and was mesmerized by the contrasting George Washington statue against the soft cotton candy-like sky.

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Brown rice cake with avocados and craisins

Trying to get back on a healthy diet, I made this little combo for breakfast and liked the simplicity so much that I snapped a pic.

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Garage passage at UW

Loved the angles in the pic and the way my beautiful forehead was peeking through.

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It’s a green drink

Here’s my second attempt in eating healthy with my mom’s green smoothie, will get the recipe soon!

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Mintwab with her badass self.

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Staircase to Panama Hotel

For work, I had a meeting at an old hotel downtown in the international district. This was the historical Panama Hotel that was home to Japanese immigrants in the early 1900s and still houses the city’s only Japanese Bathhouse. But sadly during the Japanese internment camps many families were ousted of the hotel and left their belongings that can still be found today. I found it incredibly powerful to be in this place and soak in the longevity and all that has occurred. I was lingering in the space of respect that I had to learn of a history I had not been aware of which only motivated me to learn more.

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Thesis cover page

I’m so proud to say that I finally finished my honors thesis! Phew! After a year in the works, I have a 62-page thesis to show for my senior year of undergrad. I will be writing up a separate post, with an attached copy, but this has been such an incredible experience as I was able to create a research study that focused on labels and what they mean to black people in America. Inspired by my own personal journey of identity, I was truly curious to know what these labels mean and how we formulate the reasons behind our identities. This experience has meant so much that I am hoping its a topic I continue to pursue further in my academic career.

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Sunset in Seattle

Love, love, love, love this.

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Bruce Lee & Brandon Bruce Lee’s gravesite at Lakeview Cemetery

I had the most amazing experience last week visiting the gravesite of Bruce Lee and his son Brandon Bruce Lee. July 20th marked the 42nd anniversary of Bruce Lee’s death and a friend of mine invited me to assist in filming the visitors on the day before the anniversary to ask what made them visit the gravesite. I didn’t know much about Bruce Lee growing up except that he was an epic martial artist and had a great influence on pop culture as a badass fighter. But what was the most remarkable is learning about this man’s life and influence through the stories each visitor brought with them. I learned that Bruce Lee’s first student was a black man here in Seattle named Jesse Glover and this was controversial as Lee was criticized by the Chinese community for teaching martial arts to anyone regardless of their race. He was fighting for equality by being inclusive and focusing on the principles of martial arts as opposed to who is “supposed” to learn them. I cherished the small encounters I had with each of the visitors as they came from all over the world to pay their respects to a true American.

All in all, an awesome week!


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