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Seble Samuel, the Ethiopian-Canadian Climate Justice Advocate Making Waves

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I come across stories that spark my curiosity and inspire me on the daily. So I’ve decided to start sharing them in smaller and more frequent doses. Here’s the first, enjoy. 

Seble Samuel, just dropped the most environmentally friendly gems of knowledge at this year’s Global Mayors Climate Summit in Copenhagen. As a communications officer for Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) for East Africa, Seble was invited to speak at the Global Mayors Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark last week. Her speech was preceded by the keynote speaker, Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore. In her speech, she poignantly brought to light the power that Mayors around the world have to support and amplify initiatives led by the youth in creating more sustainable cities. She also highlighted the strength that the youth have in being the propellers of taking action. “The biggest asset that we have as young people is that we’re not yet cynical,” she profoundly says in her speech. Seble is a climate justice advocate who has racked up degrees at some of the world’s most prestigious universities; undergraduate degree from McGil University in Geography, and a Masters degree in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford University. Aside from her distinguished accolades, she has authentically been an advocate for climate justice her entire life. She’s worked around the world implementing innovative programs that educate and empower youth to combat the challenges faced in the fight against climate change.

Inspired by her years living in Colombia working with environmental organizations, Seble recently co-founded an initiative in Ethiopia called Menged Le Sew meaning “Streets for People” in Amharic. Once a month the busy streets of Addis Ababa are closed and made open for the public to run, bike, skate, dance, play and overall freely engage in an environment that they proudly own. Menged Le Sew just received a spot in the Cities100 report for their work on decreasing air pollution which is an incredible achievement and recognition. Now, I have had the pleasure of knowing this amazing woman my entire life. I’m fortunate enough to call her family as she is my cousin (our moms are sisters). I highly encourage you to watch her speech below and draw some inspiration from her fresh and bold words.

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