Paperwater x Adane Legacy: The Gift of Living Out Your Passion

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Being in the creative field, you never truly know what opportunities lie waiting for you. Once you declare and demonstrate what you’re passionate about, the universe has a way of opening doors. Earlier this year, an old friend of mine from high school reached out to me to solicit my photography services. He recently pursued a dream of his and created a brand of luxury watches called Adane Legacy. I told him how honored I was that he would think of me to be a part of his vision. Prior to that, I met one half of the ultra cool Miami music duo, Paperwater. I didn’t foresee this, but somewhere down the line, these two encounters merged and created an awesome opportunity.

Adane Legacy

From the days of attending Nathan Hale High School in rainy Seattle, Washington, Dagem Adane and I go way back. We’ve kept in touch over the years but as much as high school friends do in the era of social media where we watch how our curated lives unfold. In June of this year, however, I paid close attention to a particular Instagram post that Dagem shared. He announced the debut of his passion project; he launched a luxury watch line called Adane Legacy which honors his late father. The name of the brand carries that sacred tribute. Adane, being his father’s first name, and “Legacy,” honoring the person he was and the values he stood for. Just to clarify, in Ethiopia children take the first name of their fathers as their last name which explains Dagem Adane. In his debut “Legacy Collection,” Dagem designed five watches for men and two watches for women all featuring a Japanese Miyota Movement. Each watch is luxuriously crafted with some sporting premium leather or quality mesh bands. The watches are also tenderly named after family members which Dagem jokingly mentioned he’ll never run out of.

With a humble spirit, I immediately accepted the offer and got to work. I was happy that we could connect through what we were passionate about and create something grander. I’ve also found that being based in Miami has afforded me many amazing opportunities. First, the stunning backdrop that surrounds the city to take amazing photos and second, capitalizing on the connections of other creatives that I’ve met.


Miami is known for many unique things but just like any other metropolis, it has a thriving creative scene. One of my introductions into this creative scene came from my meet up with local artist, DJ Luna. After I featured her story on my blog, she had invited me to an event that she was spinning at where she introduced me to a young man named Daygee, or “50% Paperwater” as stated in his Instagram bio. Paperwater is a producing and DJ-ing musical duo that is made up of Daygee Kwia and Eddy Samy. After we initially met, I didn’t follow up straight away. In fact, I met Daygee in February but didn’t reach out to him until August. In that six month gap, however, I became a fan of the group. Their song “Melon” is my absolute favorite track to listen to; it’s a super mellow instrumental with a nice bouncy beat. Looking back, it’s funny because my when I did reach out to Daygee, I simply wanted to meet up with him and Eddy and casually snap some candids. Once I started getting into my work with Adane Legacy, however, that’s when I thought of the possibility to work on a feature of Paperwater with the guys sporting the various beautifully crafted watches. And thus, a cool collaboration was born.

A Lesson in Passion

There are many reasons as to why this collaboration came to fruition but I believe that it was fundamentally an intersection of passion. When you take ownership of the title, “creator” you begin to manifest something. Yes, you should have your objectives and goals outlined but it’s ultimately about living in that energy that drives you. With passion comes a sense of purpose and motivation, and once you’re in that space you begin to connect with others flowing in the same frequency. I appreciate this project because it reminded me to continue to be in a space of free-flowing creation and to not always feel the need to control how your ideas blossom. Sometimes the vision has its own way of revealing itself.

Below is a short interview I did with Paperwater, read on to learn more about their story.

Who are you?

Paperwater: We are two guys that want to give more to the world then take with the hopes of taking care of family and friends.

How would you define your music?

PW: I would say our style of music resembles a mix of hip/hop and electronic, with soul and indie influences scattered throughout. We want to inspire our fans to be individuals and not conform to social norms. 

What’s the story behind your name, Paperwater?

PW: We used to head the Plies street team at Slip N’ Slide and after we quit we went to Taco Bell. While eating food we were coming up with stupid artist names that the industry would support. Paperwater was one of them.

How do you want to continue to evolve as artists?

PW: We both have a background in design and architecture. We are working on creating an audio/visual installation ahead of our new album. We are also scoring short films and submitting them to film festivals.

What other areas do you work on as a duo?

PW: Besides making music and djing we are both owners of Half/Full Creative which is a media company based in Miami. We are currently about to move into our first office space.

What’s one exciting thing you can tell me about your upcoming album?

PW: We are excited to release it to the world!

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