New Year, New Goals: Update

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We are now more than a quarter into the new year and I thought “let me see how well I’ve been doing on my new year goals.” Honestly, it’s so easy for me to just let these goals fade away but I’m determined to be better and do better for myself.

always feeling fit

january 2018 vs. march 2018

When I look back at the phrasing of this goal, I have to say that it’s really hard to always feel fit. I mean you have your good days but then you also find yourself having moments when you’re eating an entire pizza by yourself. I will say that I have been consistent in my workouts and trying to minimize those “un-fit” moments. Since I started, around late January I have seen a drastic change in the way I feel and my appearance. I have gained more muscle, lost ten pounds, and increased my endurance. I started out just doing my workouts alone, but I find that I was much happier working out with friends. They keep me accountable and we’re always pushing each other to do “one more rep.” Feeling fit for me is keeping the consistency. Even when I feel lazy and tired, I still push myself to work out even if that means just walking on the treadmill. It matters that I make the effort. I’ve also listed my physical goals by two-month periods which makes it easier to see the progress that I’ve made. All I can do is stay on this path of consistency and see the results manifest.

travel (to many, many places)

kuriftu, debre zeit

Oh travel! Some things have not changed. Yes, it’s a quarter way through the year and I have not yet accomplished any of my travel goals. I feel a little sad that I am still writing this but I realized I might have to do a little more than just declare this to the universe 😉 It’s not that I haven’t been presented with travel opportunities but in most cases I talk myself out of seizing the chance. The flexibility of being a freelancer is the perfect scenario to travel, but the biggest challenge is saving up and making sure I’m realistic about the types of trips that I can afford. As I become more seasoned in my work life, I know I will make it a point to save for future adventures. In the meantime, I hope to find tips to plan cost-efficient travels.

applying to grad school

Grad school is still a goal of mine but I have not been aggressive in my pursuit. While I have seen some programs that have peaked my interest, nothing has my heart racing. But it’s nothing that I am stressed over because I really want to take my time with it and not rush into it. I think I’m still in the process of defining what type of career I want. I feel that I am close to narrowing it down and once I figure that out, then I’ll know how to best pair that with the right program.

valuing my worth (work)

I put this goal here because it’s something that I most often forget to amplify but it’s so very important. For some reason, I feel so uncomfortable demanding what I believe I am worth; I’m speaking about this from a monetary perspective. Especially now that I am literally naming my own price, I feel so unsure and hesitant to accurately assess my compensation. I will say that I have gained more confidence in this area but there is still room for a lot of improvement. If you don’t value yourself NOBODY else will.

create more collaborative content via blog & social media

collab project w/ Meklit.Me designs (crop top)

This goal has revealed itself in really unexpected but exciting ways. I feel that my social media presence is reserved for me to express however it is that I feel and through those honest moments of revealing my passions for photography, music, food and so on, I’ve had the unique opportunities to collaborate with some amazing people. I am happy that I have amplified this goal as I hope to continue to bring out more collaborative ideas. 

produce a photo series and be exhibited

This! I have been taking on photography jobs but still feel that I’m not getting the satisfaction or the creative outlet that I need. While I love working with other passionate people and assisting in carrying out their visions, I still want to push myself to create my own visionary stories. I can’t think of the last time I sat and worked on a project of my own.

read more (current book list)

I have been very slow when it comes to this goal. I don’t want to give excuses but most of my books are e-books and I find that I can’t really be consistent in my reading. I get tired of looking at the screen and overall, I just feel that it’s not good for you to be reading intently on electronics. But I need to push through as I have no other choice. I need to expand my mind. I am still reading Trevor Noah’s book and I hope to do a book review once I finish the first three on my list. Wish me luck y’all!

document people’s stories

When I first was thinking of this goal, I don’t know exactly what I had in mind other than documenting people and stories around me. I absolutely want to continue to pursue this but I feel as though this goal and my photo-series goal will merge together as they will greatly overlap. For now, I am going to think of the two as the same and see where I can take it.

I really wanted to make it a point to do a goals check-in to intentionally hold myself accountable to the objectives that I have set for myself. I also think it’s important to not only do it for myself but for others as well to share the journey. I feel good about what I have accomplished thus far and where I would like to go. I am trying my best to not let the negative voice in my head criticize my progress but instead, lean into it and continue.

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