Lyft Announces Job Access Program

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Applying for a job is probably one of the most dreadful acts that comes with being an adult. There’s so much pressure at every step of the process; searching for vacancies within your field, perfecting your resume so recruiters spend more than six seconds looking at it, preparing for interviews that weirdly feel like blind dates and of course negotiating your worth. My sincere apologies for possibly causing any tension while recapping those glorious moments. And, let’s not forget the time taken out of your schedule, and money spent, to attend these interviews that perhaps may not even turn into an offer. Of course, it’s an investment into your future but thankfully, Lyft understands the challenges that many people face in this process and decided that transportation shouldn’t be an added burden.

Lyft announced its Job Access Program that will provide users in 35+ cities in the U.S. and Canada free or discounted rides to job interviews, job trainings and even up to the first 3 weeks at their new place of employment. As stated on their site, Lyft teamed up with job development organizations such as USO, Goodwill and many others in order to make this program available to, “communities that stand to benefit most from short-term transportation support.” I find this initiative to be extremely thoughtful. Here’s, Lyft, an extremely profitable ridesharing company, that saw an area in our society that could stand to be improved. The job market already has its pressures and challenges, but when you think of something as simple as covering transportation, that can make a world of difference to someone in the process of securing a job. What’s even more impactful about this program is that it aims help veterans, people with disabilities, and people living in low income areas. Whatever your situation may be, having to eliminate the cost and task of driving allows for you to simply focus on the job process and make great first impressions. And once you get that job, Lyft could cover you for up to 3 weeks while you sort out a transportation routine. That’s amazing! I truly admire and respect programs such as this because it stems from listening to the needs of communities and in turn making a difference.

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