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How My 2018 Goals Held Up

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Every new year I set out some sort of resolution that I’d like to achieve. I’m sure like many of you, I make good on my goals until about February then revert back to my lazy ways. This last year, however, I didn’t want to make a resolution but rather goals that would guide me to live a more fulfilled year. I declared that 2018 would be a year that I would “live colorfully” which meant that I’d live outside of my comfort zone (not just adding more colors to my wardrobe). Looking back, I can definitely say that I grew a lot more in many areas of my life. So here’s how I did on each of my goals.

1. always feeling fit

Nike Running Club

Fitness will always remain an important part of my life. The intention that I set with this goal was to look beyond the physical satisfaction of what I believed “fit” meant, and instead tried to holistically improve aspects of my life that simply made me feel better. I increased my gym attendance thanks to some of my amazing friends. I discovered that I was happier working out with others who supported and pushed me in growing stronger. I joined a running club which has been the best thing ever. It’s been incredible and I am happy to report that I have ran 26.3 miles this year so far (which really means November-December). Overall, I’m happy and very proud with what I have accomplished for this goal.

2. travel (to many, many places)

Milan, Italy

If you told me at the beginning of 2018 that I would travel to Germany & Italy (for the first time), do a road trip to Harar, Ethiopia and transition back to the U.S. but settle in Miami I would have told you that maybe that could happen in 5-10 years. It’s so easy for me to write an extremely long post about my travels, but I’m gonna keep it short and sweet and let the images speak for themselves.

Harar, Ethiopia.

Berlin, Germany

Italy (various cities)

Miami, FL

3. applying to grad school

Grad school is still something I’m debating with myself on. I have educated myself further on programs that I might like to apply to but to be honest, I am still trying to figure out how to pay off my debt from my first degree and I’m not trying to rack up more debt only to say that I have a masters degree. My plan is to apply for fall of 2019 as I would like to really iron out a solid plan that would provide me with an excellent return on investment.

4. valuing my worth (work)

This is still a goal I am slowly improving on but more than anything I’ve learned that it’s all about adapting a new mindset. A recent project led me to state my own rate and while I was nervous to call out the number, I promised myself to keep firm regardless. I didn’t think the person would respond positively but they did and gladly accepted my rate. I was shocked but honestly, I shouldn’t have been. I will only receive what I put out there, and while it hasn’t always worked in other situations the takeaway is that I maintain that mentality as it will garner more results like the one above.

5. create more collaborative content via blog & social media

I have been blessed to connect with some amazing people this past year and I mentioned some projects I collaborated on with others in my New Years mid-year update post. I’m excited to say that there will be more collaborations in the near future and so many other opportunities that I look forward to creating. One project that I plan on continuing is to use my blog as a platform to interview passionate young individuals like Leah and her make up services.

Leah, Makeup Artist

6. produce a photo series / documenting people’s stories

Unfortunately I have not had the chance to produce a photo series yet. However, there is a concept that I am excited to meditate on as an idea for a photo series. One that is close to my personal journey; saving this one for 2019. I will say that my consistent practice of taking photos, even just on my iPhone, has been a great source of inspiration and one that has kept me in constant creation mode.

Lago d’Iseo, Italy

7. read more 

This year I only completed Americanah and Born a Crime (two incredible books). That hasn’t discouraged me in the slightest and I will obviously push myself to read more in the future. Especially now that I have access to actual books and not just ebooks which I now understand is a luxury.

Overall I look back on this year and feel extremely grateful and blessed to have had the amazing experiences that I did with incredible people by my side. It doesn’t mean that there weren’t ups and downs or several thousands of times where I doubted myself cause there were. It just means that the good, bad, and the ugly will appear as you are shifting your life in any direction. The key is to be grateful for all movement as it will teach us something when we’re ready to learn the lesson. Thank you to everyone reading. Can’t wait to set goals for 2019, who’s with me?!

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  1. Go girl! Good for you for being accountable to yourself and making great strides in your personal goals. Those Harar pictures are gorgeous!

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