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Reading Time: 3 minutes One project that I was particularly excited about taking on was doing the food photography at a new restaurant in Addis Ababa.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As I mentioned in my previous post, this freelance life has me taking on awesome projects that have come about in the most unexpected ways. One project that I was particularly excited about taking on was doing the food photography at a new restaurant in Addis Ababa. The spot is called Bake & Brew and it’s a delicious chill place with yummy brunch entrees as well as amazing baked goods and coffee. Not to mention it’s in a beautifully spacious spot in Sarbet. It’s fun and trendy and I was more than honored to be the one to capture their beautiful cuisines (check out all the photos here). I must say that I was a bit nervous to do so becauseI have never labeled myself as a “food photographer.” I only enjoy taking pictures, unofficially, of my food and posting it on Instagram. So, I was reluctant to jump on this opportunity. However, since it’s something that I love to do and have a keen eye for, I convinced myself to just own it. 

sunny side up egg on avocado toast with prosciutto

While I have had various experiences with photography throughout my life, I felt that this was a very specific task and that I was entering a territory that I was not completely confident in. Thanks to the internet however, I scrambled to watch tutorials on food photography and follow a bunch of food Instagram accounts. This did calm my nerves as I researched more and more. The advice that I found to be most useful was to use as much natural light to bring about the natural beauty of the food. Of course, the photographer can only do so much to create a beautiful image. Most of the image’s beauty comes from the food presentation which the amazing people at Bake & Brew had easily accomplished. They made my job extremely easy and fun to do which in turn I think brought out the best photography.

chocolate chips

I hope to take on more creative jobs such as this. I am happy that I overcame my reluctance and just owned being a food photographer, even if it was just for a day. Own your talent because if you don’t, no one else will see it in you.

beet chips

If you’re in Addis, definitely go and check out this delicious food spot!And if you want any other recommendations for food spots in Addis, I started anInstagram story highlight that collects all my food photos so that you an get an idea of the type of yummy food you can discover!

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