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Favorite Food Spots – Addis Ababa

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A huge part of my life here in Addis Ababa has been going around and eating delicious food. I love finding good food spots but more importantly, I love finding good food spots with creativity. The creativity could be the food presentation, the unique atmosphere of the place or the food itself. Either way, I’ve finally gotten around to collecting the photos of some of my favorite ferenge (not local) spots and writing little reviews on why I like them!


Sishu – Sishu has got to be one of my favorite burger spots in Addis. I love the portions of the food and they’re the closest that I’ve had to real American burgers out here! But the main reason as to why I love them is their consistency of the food. Each time I go there, I experience the same taste and quality in food which is not as easy to say for a lot of places out here. Prices vary between 170ETB-250ETB.


Bunni – Bunni always seems to be the best kept secret in Addis although I don’t know if it is a secret anymore. The first time I went there was in 2011 and I was first taken away by the gorgeous view of the city. The food and drinks were equally as enticing as the view. My favorite dish would have to be the chicken panini which is heated crisp to perfection. My other favorite part has to be the french fries which are coated with a light berbere seasoning that gives it the perfect extra spice! And the juices! I always get the Mango and Berry juice which is refreshing and not too sweet. I have yet to experience brunch here but I plan to very soon! Prices vary between 40ETB-200ETB.


Five Loaves – One of the best brunch spots in Addis has to be Five Loaves. The first time I went I had the french toast which, let’s be honest was like having dessert for breakfast. But it doesn’t mean it wasn’t delicious. It was topped with sweet strawberries and bananas (not my fave but it was good) and most of all whip cream! The second time I went, I tried a dish that was recommended to me, the smoked salmon sandwich. I love smoked salmon and this dish did not disappoint. It was topped with a balsamic dressing and some cream cheese. It’s become my go-to order even though the presentation changes each time I go. Prices vary between 170ETB-300ETB.


Via Via – A spot I started to frequent often when I first moved to Addis was Via Via. It was the first chill outdoor spot I was introduced to and the food complimented the environment very well. I loved the grilled vegetables with mashed potatoes although this dish can be a bit salty at times. The fish gulash was another favorite (also pictured above) that was prepared very well and seasoned evenly. One of my cravings in Addis for quite some time was the house fries. They have this mayo+something dip for the fries that was so delicious. I’ve been on a health kick lately but will always swing by when the occasional craving calls! Prices vary between 50ETB-150ETB.


Loza Cafe – On my way to work, I’ve started stopping by this Cafe which is the only spot that I’ve discovered that has Palmiers (awaiting suggestions for more palmiers spots). While their palmiers seem to be a little thick than what I’m used to, they still have the crispy, flaky quality that makes them the perfect breakfast delight! Prices vary between 40ETB-100ETB.


Tryst – I like to call this spot my little diaspora place! This small shack has the perfect atmosphere for a quick and casual bite. My go-to dish is a turkey and pesto panini sandwich. I like a place that’s not afraid to use pesto! Not to mention the fact that they make the best Americano coffee (go figure, an American that likes Americanos). The hands on service makes for an awesome spot to just chill, listen to good music and eat good food! Prices vary between 50ETB-120ETB.


Kelli’s Gourmet Burgers – Another creative spot that I love has to be Kelli’s. While their burgers are cool, I personally prefer their sandwiches. They love to use avocado and pesto which again, wins my stomach over! Their baguettes are perfectly soft yet crispy and their fries are crisp to perfection. Not to mention their presentation where they use cutting boards as plates and miniature fryers to hold the fries! Prices vary between 180ETB-250ETB.


Tilla – For freshness, I love going to Tilla. This is the trendiest gym spot among the ex-pat community but they also have a modest cafe that serves all things healthy and fresh. The reason I love this spot is for their salads. I usually go for the avocado or salmon salad which contains tons of flax seed (when I see a lot of flaxseed I feel like I’m being healthy). Their outdoor seating is also a nice escape from the busy and crowded streets of addis. And, Tilla has to be one of the only spots that gives you free cucumber and lemon water which is extremely refreshing. It’s a nice break when you need it. Prices vary between 60ETB-250ETB.

Those are my reviews for now! Thanks for checking it out and be on the lookout for the next food review which will be on local Ethiopian dishes!

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