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DJ Luna: A Woman of Influence

Reading Time: 3 minutes This young woman is both a DJ and an influencer who is taking things to the next level.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I had the absolute pleasure to link up with a young, talented, and extremely stylish creative named DJ Luna. Our meet-up was the result of a mutual friend sending me her Instagram profile (very millennial right?). On a whim, I decided to send her a message and suggest that she be my subject for a photoshoot I was eager to create. To my surprise she happily agreed. I had no expectations of what our encounter would be other than taking some shots of her in an artistic neighborhood of Miami. What I didn’t anticipate was for us to meet at a cafe to sit and talk for almost two hours before I even snapped one picture of her. 

Our conversation spanned various topics from gentrification to music and identity. She expressed to me how music was everything to her. Even though she only started dj-ing a couple of years ago, her passion for music had already launched her on a path of influence.

She gained a large following on Twitter by simply sharing her honest perspective on her music likes and dislikes. Specifically on R&B and hip-hop artists, which she acknowledges to be her favorite go-to genres. Her influence on Twitter gained an organic audience of over 11,000 followers. Unknowingly, her insights caught the attention of rapper Wale as he began to follow her account, in which she was unaware of until another follower brought it to her attention. 

She explained that Wale had acknowledged her strong thoughts on the music game and asked what her aspirations in the industry were. Her response was simple, “to play the music I love.” From then on DJ Luna became the lead DJ for Wale’s creative group, Every Blue Moon with her dope mixes streaming under both Wale’s and the brand’s Soundclouds

DJ Luna’s Custom Sticker

A hustler by nature, I reflected on my encounter with gratitude to find yet another source of inspiration from a fellow creative. 

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