27 Moments of Goodness Before 27

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there have been big transitions happening in my life which is why i was sorta taking a “break” from social media to sort out my next steps. didn’t last long 😂. and as my birthday was approaching i was reminded of the goals that i set for myself but yet reach. i decided, however, instead of consuming myself with disappointment i would rather put my energy towards doing better; being better. and so i wanted to start my 27th year in that same manner. which is why i completed 27 moments of goodness before my 27th! i intentionally did something good for myself every day and i wanted to manifest this positivity here on my page! i’m excited to share what transpired. here’s a look at how i celebrated each day with good intentions. #27before27

Day 1

day 01: my moment of goodness today was the start to my morning and week at the gym. excuse the duck face but i was feeling good about getting back to my routine and i have to thank my IG feed for providing the inspiration. in particular @yoyishunat@dollygirma and! thank y’all ladies for showing us how to holistically take care of your health and well-being! also promptly after taking this photo i definitely lost my balance and fell 🤦🏽‍♀️

Day 2

day 02: it’s that time yet again in my life, shifting. i’ve moved across the world yet again to create a new chapter in my life. whenever i find myself in these moments i’m always unsure of where i end up and to be honest a bit of anxiety starts to manifest. but in these moments i always gravitate towards warm energy which is why i find myself extremely grateful to wake up to these astonishing sunrises most mornings! this is moment of goodness for today 

Day 3

day 03: today my moment of goodness came from the free outdoor yoga class i decided to take! while fitness is something that i’m placing as a high priority in my life, i’m also doing the same with my mental well-being. i’ve been getting into a lot of guided mediations lately 🙌🏽 as a way to break up the chatter going on around me and in my head lol. i really want to learn how to synchronize the physical and mental energy which is why you gon find me at these free yoga sessions! namaste y’all 🙏🏽 

Day 4

day 04: my moment of goodness today was thinking back to an amazing trip to San Francisco a couple weeks back with the fam and witnessing the beauty that is the Golden Gate Bridge. i felt like i was meeting a celebrity. this has to be one of the most iconic sites in the world (i mean it has its own emoji 🌁) and thanks to a little show i grew up with called “Full House” i will forever look at this picture and hear the words “Whatever happened to predictability? The milk man, the paper boy, evening T.V.”

Day 5

day 05: i had a surprisingly unexpected day of fun and discovery with a friend from across the pond! we indulged in good tacos (endorsed by Obama) and ventured around the city catching the vibes everywhere we went! thank you for a vibey day @mbagersh 🙏🏽! for sure my moment of goodness!

Day 6

day 06: oooh my moment of goodness today came from this lovely swim. i rarely make the attempt to swim but i forget how amazing the feeling is. to just float in water’s magical grace

Day 7

day 07: spent a quiet day in the house. pondering many things, as always. do you ever just get stuck in your head sometimes? i know i definitely do. but i allow myself to go through it and to not be so forceful. i try to be patient with myself knowing that i will spring into action when i am ready. when i find myself moving slowly through the day, i try and find something inspirational. for me, i always look to the sky to channel my mood and this is what i came across. a view with promise and beauty but one that is not always crystal clear. and that’s ok. this was my moment of goodness. have a beautiful evening.

Day 8

day 08: sometimes i wish i were a bit more organized when it comes to planning my future. though i will say that the incredible experiences i’ve had thus far in my life, have happened because i let things flow and come together and i’m truly grateful for that. now however, i’ve been meditating on what my goals are for the future. generally i think about things that i want to accomplish but today i took it a step further and actually wrote down what my immediate, three-month, and ultimate goals were (learned this from @mbagersh). it felt good because just the act of writing them down made me feel more connected to them. so the next step is visualization and starting to put steps into action. this was my moment of goodness for today and I’m feeling grateful and proud of myself for taking this initial step. please share any goals that you’re wanting to achieve below, speak to the instagram-verse lol. 

Day 9

day 09: so this was definitely my moment of goodness for today! i watch a lot of tv 👀 and this has to be my favorite theme song 🙌🏽 😂. aaannnddddd i’m also trying to practice my spanish, so this seemed to be the perfect match! but in general, singing is a love of mine and it’s been awhile since i posted songs that i love so i’m definitely going to get into the habit of posting more. aaaaannnnndddd this is my first time trying out video on my sony a6000! it’s pretty clean huh?! 😎 also, who can guess the show i’m theme-song-singing? first person who gets this will receive a special shoutout!

Day 10

day 10: my moment of goodness today came from having a productive day and just vibin’ with this galactic scene i captured on my walk home! 

Day 11

day 11: thanks to numerous recommendations, i started reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. i’ve been going over it the last couple of days and it’s incredible how relatable this book is to me at this time in my life. i couldn’t get over this one line ☝🏽that captures the power we have over our thoughts and the energy we put into them. it may seem obvious but in practice we all get wrapped up in our self-doubt, negativity and then some. this book is so refreshing and one that i know i’ll be reading over and over again throughout my life. thank you to all the beautiful souls who recommended it, more recently @stephmaestro 🙏🏽

Day 12

day 12: this is such a random and basic post but it’s the little things to celebrate in life 😂. so i’m kinda lactose intolerant and i’ve now regained my passion for cereal thanks to almond milk! so this was my moment of goodness today. hello breakfast options and saturday morning cartoons ritual 🙌🏽

Day 13

day 13: i was feeling bad that i hadn’t worked out the last couple of days and was about to get caught up in the negative vibes, when i suddenly jumped up and decided to go for a run! the best decision! i downloaded the @nikerunningapp and decided to test that ethiopian 🇪🇹 long distance endurance 😂. i made it 3.25 miles in 39mins! yup that’s where i’m starting from. i was so inspired that i snapped this beautiful pic of the city and decided to add a starry sky to it to show you all the backdrop that i imagined i was running behind! definitely my moment of goodness for today!

Day 14

day 14: i was reorganizing files today and realized that i totally forgot to post the last city on my italian trip 🙄. so imma just plug this post as if it were july 2018…
ROMA — just got back from rome guys 😂😂. no but for real, this city was absolutely incredible. the heat was very real which made it difficult to walk around but we just kept trekking. we still got to see the incredible sights but i am so sad to say that i did not see the colosseum. oh well, another excuse to go back. this whole trip was a vision and i think i fell in love with the country even more because we were able to drive or take the train from city to city. experiencing all the moments in between the cities connected me more with the culture and the people. i highly recommend creating a route like this if you have time to spend in italy. so that is the end of all the italian posts 😉. reminiscing about this getaway was for sure a moment of goodness for me today! alllora, grazie mille italia🇮🇹

Day 15

day 15: this was my moment of goodness. actually watching the sunset and just being present. breathing, meditating, appreciating 🙏🏽. i hope you all take a second and find that break to just observe. 

Day 16

day 16: making myself laugh is always a moment of goodness for me. sometimes, when i’m alone, i imagine i were a comedian on stage reciting hilarious jokes to a massive audience. while that would be dope, it’s just an imagination for me until i nail my comedic timing and work on my mumbling 🤣. until then i’ll stick to creating funny videos for the net. what i love most about my humor is that it makes ME laugh. i can go back to old videos of “Random Thoughts” and just laugh at myself. i think that’s beautiful. so making myself laugh today was definitely my moment of goodness.

Day 17

day 17: for the last week i’ve actually cut coffee out from my usual routine. while i doooo love my watered down black coffee, it started to stain my teeth and made me super jumpy. to be honest, i don’t even like american coffee in america anymore cause they give you such a large portion even if it is a size ‘small.’ even though i’m sleepier more than usual nowadays, i physically feel a lot better. this caffeine cleanse has been my moment of goodness for today. (pictured: my not so delicious but nicely arranged americano coffee in Berlin).

Day 18

day 18: my first thanksgiving in two years and there is so much to be grateful for. i decided to start the day by writing down a list of everything im thankful for in my life. the biggest being that this is the first thanksgiving with my whole family in over a decade! ccccraaaazzzzyyyyyy. and to make it extra special, i wanted to cook so i made this delicious bird and the rest of the thanksgiving dinner. thought i lost my touch but it’s just like riding a bike. sending all of my full-belly energy to all of you in the insta-verse. count your blessings and happy thanksgiving! 

Day 19

day 19: grateful. got a belly full of thanksgiving leftovers and the ability to enjoy a view like this 🙏🏽

Day 20

day 20: had such a productive day and i would like to personally thank mr. dave chappelle for providing the laughs while i worked. definitely found myself in tears and probably looked crazy at several different points but it was absolutely worth it. 

Day 21

day 21: i’ve slowed down a lot. just adjusting and observing. it’s different for me. but i know things will shift again because i push myself into new challenges. because it’s slower than normal, i find myself just staring at my surroundings. so this is my moment of goodness for today. just appreciating where i currently am. 

Day 22

day 22: uff. it’s kinda exhausting posting everyday especially when there’s like an internal pressure to present yourself in an exciting way. but it is something i chose to do and i’m also trying to be cautious to not feel like i gotta post something dope everyday or explain it in extensive detail. but i’m almost done! so this is what i ate today 😂. i love avocados. and taking pictures of my food. this was my moment of goodness.

Day 23

day 23: i made the sky turquoise today. 

Day 24

day 24: how i’m waking up most mornings. my body has internalized the time that the sun begins to rise and no matter how tired i may be, i have to capture the glory i see every morning and take a moment to be grateful for this.

Day 25

day 25: so today i decided to challenge myself, and my fitness goals, by signing up for a run with @nikerunning! it was my first time so i was pretty nervous. we ran a total of three miles and lord i survived 🙌🏽. it was also dope cause i was their first runner from ethiopia (had to rep one time). so i made my mark by scratching the country on their map while reinforcing that they lower their expectations of my running abilities 🤣. we ran a beautiful route through miami and at the end had free tacos🌮. it was such a success and my moment of goodness! and yes i was probably one of the very few that wasn’t wearing nike shoes and yes my socks are mismatched 🤷🏽‍♀️. still tho, 🇪🇹 ftw! check out my story for more snaps! 

Day 26

day 26: my morning sunrise posts have become a beautiful ritual for me. and i’m sure some of you can already tell but i was heavily inspired by @swopes. she’s an incredibly talented creative who i would love to meet one day. but until then i will continue to show my admiration through my photos. also i think one sunset photo snuck in there but it’s still the sun. 

Day 27

day 27: reflection. i have finished my 27 days of goodness. in this time, i realized that posting honest and true moments reminded me to count the blessings and be grateful. at the same time a small part of me felt pressure to create epic daily posts that fed my ego, but i committed to be real and expand the reason why i share on social media. i love creating a positive space and connecting with other genuine beautiful people. so thank you for experiencing this journey with me. now before the birthday i’d like to reminisce the takeaways from this year:
-take the action steps as opposed to just planning them
-worrying is a waste of time
-be present
-breathe deeply
-don’t hold things off until the future
-continue to love those around you deeply and never stop letting them know
-meditate and take care of your mental health
-give back (opportunities are all around you)
-and finally be gentle and take care of yourself

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    Aideyeeeeeeee yene Konjo. Thank you for being you. I read each of the goodness moments How in spiting!!!!!!

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